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(also similarly posted to Neobeatniks. Deal with the repetition, son).

I'm new. So, I have this beast of a thing that won't stop ever since I went on a bender and started writing it. It involves Doktor Benway (character from Burroughs), Doctor Sax (character from Kerouac), and Docktor Clock (one of my own little ladies). Random, inane, and asinine.

If you're bored, give it a read.

Taste-test real quick-like, with link below:

Docktor Benway screams, "What the fuck, Doctor? I believe the nurses have been sodomizing the mannequins again. Damn those anatomical parts! The transparency lends the ruse of reality! Goddamned colons!"
Doctor Sax: "Mwee-ha-haa, Doktor! They love the education! Clear sliding tubes like the crystal innards of an East Indian, Benway, could you resist yourself?"
"Perhaps on the correct prescriptions, mister mister. They'd have to give me the eighteen units, you understand. The chlorox has sufficiently cleared my veins, you see. Like virgin cunts, they are."
"Mwee-ha-haa, Doktor. Have you found the cure?"
"The chemicals indeed, Doctor. Correctly cooked, the Comet screams like orgasmic banshees through the heart. Marvelous really. Goddamn, where have they left my tongs? Probably using as chopsticks, goddamned chinks."

Doktor Benway
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